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To adequately protect your business, your security system must be on the cutting edge. Lately, with such rapid development in the technology sector, security has been a hotspot for innovation.

Magnum Security Installations, Inc. is the team to call when you need a knowledgeable team to assist you in protecting your business and keeping your staff safe and secure. Security is all about having a dependable yet straightforward system that comes through in the clutch. Our philosophy is preventative and proactive security because we believe that is what works best.

If you are concerned that the security system in your business is not going to protect you, call (803) 566-0699 for the best business security systems and the most affordable in the area.

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Proactive and Preventative Security

The right security system lets you know in real-time when something undesirable is happening on your property. As the area's foremost commercial security expert, we promise that the security system information you get from us will be up to date. With the level of instant communication available today, the right security system will not only protect you, but you will have access to it simply by reaching into your pocket.

The alarm systems that we provide our clients notify you as soon as someone has trespassed. Unlike outdated systems that merely sound off a siren once someone has entered the building, our systems can act faster. In conjunction with more sophisticated lock systems, camera surveillance is the future of security.

If you have been considering implementing a better security and alarm system installation, call us right away. We cannot wait to assist you.

Keep Your Business and Staff Safe

In our line of work, we have heard too many stories of bad things happening to business owners because of break-ins. There is nothing we dislike hearing more than local business owners getting robbed, vandalized, or anything else that can be avoided with the right system.

Our systems will ensure that you can visually keep tabs on your entire property at all times, and if something goes wrong, it empowers you to reach the police authorities faster. Systems where the owner cannot monitor them, can result in false-alarm charges, so we like to emphasize that our clients have systems that enable them to decide whether or not to involve police authorities.

Contact our team today to learn much more about the security systems we install.

Security System Repair and Maintenance

We are committed to our clients. If you are experiencing difficulties with operating your new security system after the installation, we are dedicated to solving your problem. With us at your side, you will have the confidence to know that your business is secured 24/7.

Protect your assets and your staff by getting us to complete our straightforward security system and fire alarm installation services. When the time comes that something goes wrong, you will be glad you called Magnum Security Installations, Inc.. We look forward to securing your operation.

Security and Fire Alarm Systems Professionals

Security Pro's, specializing in Alarm System Services, Fire Alarm System Services, Card Access Systems, CCTV Video Surveillance Services, Network and IP Phone System Services.

Do you have a project that requires a trained security specialist that is affordable, efficient and effective? Then you've come to the right place. Magnum Security Installations, Inc. is the premier technical contractor in the North Carolina/South Carolina area, and we've been in practice for 27 years. We boast hundreds of satisfied customers, and can help with most any commercial or retail project you might have. We offer a free consultation onsite, where we will listen to what you want your security system to accomplish and design a system to suit your needs.

Please feel free to look around this site for more details and answers to any questions you might have. If you don't find what you need, contact us, we'll be happy to help.


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  • Our Company Objective

Our Company Objective

At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., we believe in customer service, safety, and fair pay for a day's work. We are area's number 1 choice for security experts who go the extra mile to make certain that our technicians are experienced, well trained and skilled. Our technicians know exactly what equipment they are working on, so that keeps our labor costs down. We pass that savings on to our customers and have been doing so for many years.

When to Call a Pro

If you have a need for assistance with any of the following projects, contact us:

  • Closed circuit video systems and surveillance systems. Don't let an unlicensed, untrained technician design and install your camera system.
  • Burglar Alarm systems – Trained technicians are the key to a properly installed maintained and monitored alarm system.
  • Fire Alarm system design, monitoring, repairs and inspections.
  • Card Access Systems, Barrier Gate Installations.
  • IP phone systems - Installation, upgrades, maintenance for small or large phone systems, we do it all.
  • Network Design and Data wiring - we have the skill and experience to get the job done safely, securely and effectively.

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