TV Telephone Data in Columbia, SC

The network infrastructure of your business must be efficient, reliable and installed according to standard of the industry. Several methods and standards exist to connect your computer rooms, buildings, production areas, warehousings, receiving/shipping and offices. Structured cabling is a cabling system used to promote the interconnection of all your computer, telephone, access control, video, audio and security needs.

At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., we offer the following services, and much more:

  • Planning your projects
  • Data network system designs
  • Maintenance
  • Cost estimates
  • CAT 3, CAT 5E, CAT 6 and fiber optic cable installations
  • Programming and certification of your installations
  • Installation of all cabling and wiring systems

Our structured cabling technicians are trained and certified installers that offer your projects an unbeatable satisfaction—always guaranteed. We offer you maintenance when required, and a final product that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Structured Cabling Company in Columbia, SC

Magnum Security Installations, Inc. has the necessary industry standard equipment that certifies your structured cabling. These are calibrated annually to meet industry standards and requirements. At the same time, our devices generate complete reports of your structured cabling network infrastructure for ease of use and maintenance.

Columbia, SC Structured Cabling Solutions

Magnum Security Installations, Inc. offers our clients a range of solutions for today's residential, commercial and industrial wiring needs. With many years of experience, Magnum Security Installations, Inc. helps our customers create well-thought out and sustainable work environments with our electrical cabling services, data centers, data management systems and network connectivity solutions. With each project that we take on, we seek to help our clients save energy, time and money; all while improving their network security. We are honored to have had the privilege of providing fiber optic and connectivity solutions to many of Columbia, SC’s recognizable institutions and organizations. We understand that our customers are the foundation of our success and are always looking for ways to enhance their experience with Magnum Security Installations, Inc.. Our efforts to constantly improve our company and work efforts are expressed through our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Cable Installation Services

Magnum Security Installations, Inc. is a leader in the telecommunications field and stands out as a service and installation company in Columbia, SC. Our certified, licensed and experienced technicians connect our customers to their telephone systems, Internet services and digital television systems. We are passionate about helping you get the most out of your audio/video data systems. Every installation project is overseen by a project manager to assure quality control and the proper installation of all components. We will happily program all your equipment and give thorough explanations on how to use each part after the installation has been completed. When you work with Magnum Security Installations, Inc., you can expect:

  • Professional and courteous technicians
  • Supervision and follow-ups after the installation
  • Quality control of the installation
  • The strict adherence to all health and safety regulations on-site
  • …and much more

Call us today to schedule your initial appointment. We look forward to helping you get connected! At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., your complete satisfaction is our priority!