Alarm System Services in Charlotte

Give yourself peace of mind with the business alarm systems from Magnum Security Installations, Inc.. For over 27 years, we have been helping local establishments feel safe and secure on their property. We are committed to installing high-quality and dependable security systems that will give you the utmost protection. We can install both burglar and fire alarm systems that will allow you to focus on more important things.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, give us a call today at (803) 566-0699 to find out more.

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Straightforward Quotes on Alarm Systems

Here at Magnum Security Installations, Inc., we know a thing or two about customer service. One of the ways we show this is through our client-focused quote process. We make it simple for you to get all the information you need on our security service without any obligation. Our upfront and trustworthy quotes mean that you can feel secure at all stages of the process, not just after your new alarm system is installed.

Experienced in Commercial Security

When you hire us to service alarm systems, you benefit from over two decades of valuable industry experience. We know exactly what it takes to safeguard your property completely, and we have the track record to prove it. We have had the pleasure of creating many relationships over the years with local business owners who completely trust us to keep their alarm systems in perfect working condition.

Reliable Burglar Alarm Systems

If you are looking to protect your property against potential breaking and entering, then we have a solution for you. We are your source for high-quality burglar systems that are certain to bring some extra security to your property. Our systems provide you with a convenient way of monitoring who has access to your property and making sure that there are no unwanted visitors inside your building.

The Best Fire Alarm for Your Property

Every property needs a functional fire alarm, and we are here to make sure yours is working properly. Whether you are looking to install a new system or require maintenance on your existing alarm, our technicians will cater our services to meet your needs. We will take your property, requirements, and budget into account to help design a fire alarm network that provides the coverage you are looking for.

We offer systems from several top manufacturers to make sure that you always get the best option for your situation. Some of the brands we work with include:

  • Kidde
  • Edwards
  • Fire-Lite
  • Silent Knight
  • System Sensor

CCTV Video Surveillance

An effective home security system should leave you feeling totally secure, full stop. Sometimes, to take back the reigns of your property’s security, you need to take extra measures by having a CCTV video surveillance system installed. Learn what it truly means to have “eyes in the skies” with your new CCTV system. A tried-and-true system, it is one of the most effective methods of keeping your residential or commercial property truly secure.

CCTV stands for ‘closed-circuit television’, which means that there will be no outside interference from other broadcasts getting in the way of your home or business security. This closed-circuit also means that you can rest easy in that nobody but yourself will have access to this footage unless you want them to. We have a variety of different CCTV video surveillance systems, including:

  • Wired security CCTV cameras
  • Wireless security CCTV cameras
  • Analog CCTV cameras
  • IP / network CCTV cameras
  • Night vision CCTV cameras

There are many options available to you when you use Magnum Security Installations, Inc.. Give us a ring at (803) 566-0699 to see which CCTV system is best suited to your high-security needs. We’ll offer professional advice and guidance throughout the whole process.

Card Access Control Systems

If you need to limit access to certain areas of your establishment, an access control system could be just what you need. Have control over simple access to entryways and exits with pin-pads or card sensors. Or incorporate more complex systems that can keep an entire warehouse secure with the multiple access points covered and controlled as you see fit. Controlling access can also include access to turnstiles, parking gates, elevators, or any other physical barrier, or even smaller fixes, like having exit buttons installed in desks. Whatever your security needs are, our assess control systems are the solution.

There are many kinds of locking systems you can choose from, including:

  • Access control panels
  • Access control readers
  • Traditional locking hardware
  • Electromagnetic locking systems
  • Electric door strikes
  • Magnetic door switches, for monitoring door position
  • Request to exit devices (rte’s)

Anything you need to keep control over your premises is our priority. We have the years of experience, skills, and knowledge to provide you with the insight to make the right choice and a system that performs exactly how you need it to.

Efficient Alarm System Services

Not only do we provide some of the most trustworthy alarm services in the area, but we also do so with great efficiency. Our valuable industry experience and attention to detail ensure that you get complete service without interruption to your normal routine. Making sure your alarm systems are functioning should never feel like a hassle, which is why we do everything we can to offer convenient and worthwhile service.

Monitoring Services

If you are protecting your premises with professionally installed security measures, you must keep an eye on the systems that are keeping an eye out for you. Security monitoring systems can be crucial in ensuring that your burglary defense systems, fire alarm systems, etcetera, are in working order. With these monitoring solutions, you can regulate their functionality and reduce the number of necessary service calls for your systems. These monitoring systems come highly recommended by us for that added security on your security system. Reduced false alarms and increased equipment longevity are just a few reasons why you should consider our monitoring services. Our rates are very reasonable, so if you are not happy with the current state of your monitoring system, call us for a quote today.

Alarm Systems in Charlotte, NC

Your business is your livelihood: it’s your bread and butter. At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., we know that the security of your business is paramount. When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your business, we understand that you want to hire a professional that you can trust. Sometimes, this simple task can be overwhelming. With an oversaturated market of inexperienced alarm system installers, it can be hard to know which way to turn. Look no further—Magnum Security Installations, Inc. has your business alarm system needs all in one place. Magnum Security Installations, Inc. offers Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area, business alarm system services of the latest generation. For uncompromising protection, turn to Magnum Security Installations, Inc. for all your alarm service needs. Our specialists will guide you in choosing an effective alarm system to minimize losses of any kind in the event of a fire, attempted robbery, gas leak or more.

An Alarm System Service You Can Count On

Magnum Security Installations, Inc. offers a variety of systems related to protection against theft and intrusion for businesses. Our experts will answer your security needs and recommend various devices to design a custom burglar alarm system. Our burglar alarm systems are designed to evolve with your business as it grows and changes. If you want to upgrade your current alarm system or plan a new installation of an alarm system, we will be sure to recommend a powerful solution that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Magnum Security Installations, Inc. Is Your Charlotte, NC Security System Specialist

At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., we ensure the proper operation of your alarm system to minimize damages and risks to your business. An adequate, functional alarm system connected to the Magnum Security Installations, Inc. center allows you to continue your activities with peace of mind. In addition to offering theft and fire protection features, built-in alarm systems can support video surveillance and access control: giving you state-of-the-art—all in one protection.

Wireless Alarm Systems

In addition to simple and fast installation, wireless alarm systems have the advantage of offering remote connection. If you forget to set it on-site, you can activate the alarm using your phone or via the Internet. Wireless alarm systems can send notifications by phone, email or text message if an alarm occurs while you are away.

Alarm System Inspection, Maintenance and Monitoring

Your alarm system should be inspected annually to make sure it operates efficiently. Trust us with the scheduling and annual monitoring of your alarm system. A complete report will be given on the state of your system that you can pass on to your insurers. At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., your safety is our priority!

Whether you already have an alarm system or are you planning to install one, Magnum Security Installations, Inc. is ready and willing to advise you on the right protocol to take in your quest. We are a licensed, insured and qualified alarm system specialist with the right solutions for you. Don’t wait any longer—contact Magnum Security Installations, Inc. today and secure the safety of your business!