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Magnum Security Installations, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Do My Own Wiring?

Yes, you can do your own wiring, however, it is not always recommended to do so. At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., our priority is to keep our customers' businesses safe. That is why we always suggest enlisting the help of a qualified professional, such as ourselves to perform any electrical wiring work in your space. Electrical wiring is the pathway through which information is sent and how you control the electricity in your business. A faulty wiring system can result in electrical dysfunction and can increase the risk of danger in your business.

Can I Install My New Theater Myself Just by Using the Manual?

Your new theater system is a big investment. That is why it is best to install it the right way, the first time around. The best way to ensure the proper installation of your new theater system is to enlist the help of a qualified professional who knows their way around electrical systems, wiring and upgrades. This will decrease the risk of damage to your new entertainment system—significantly.

What Is Structured Wiring?

Structured wiring, otherwise known as a structured media control panel, is a type of wiring system that can be found in any building. This system handles all types of electrical data, such as high-speed Internet, satellite television, cable television, telephone lines, DSS, and other technology.

How Do I Get a Quote?

Getting a quote is simple! At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., we make it easy for you to contact us in any form that you choose. You can simply make a phone call to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents. They'll be happy to assist you in receiving a quote. Conversely, you can email your questions and concerns and one of our team members will get back to your shortly. Upon receiving your call or email, we will ask you a series of simple questions which will help us determine an accurate quote for your needs.

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