Access and Intercom System in Columbia

If you are looking to increase the security of your property and improve access, installing an intercom system is a great solution and your friends at Magnum Security Installations, Inc. want to help.

We have helped dozens of home and business property owners design and install state-of-the-art communications systems on their properties, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect product.

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Discuss Your Needs with Our Security Experts

At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., we make the safety and security of your property our business. We have a keen understanding of the best security technology available on the local market and can let you know what products would suit your property best.

When you reach us to inquire about access and intercom systems, we’ll run you through a quick consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss the kind of property you have, be it an apartment building, a private family home, or a business – and determine your security goals.

We will also take note of your budget and introduce you to products that will provide you with the protection you need without having to overspend.

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Increase Communication with a High-Quality Intercom System

Do you want to know exactly who is entering your property and when? Do you want to see the moment your delivery arrives? Do you want to increase overall transparency and communication on your property? – Then an intercom is your new best friend.

Our team installs nothing but the very best intercoms on the market and we set them up with a meticulous eye for detail. The last thing you want is to face hiccups with your intercom system, and our team will ensure it’s working seamlessly before we leave your property.

If and when you experience issues, our team is just a phone call away. We will prioritize your needs and arrive at your property promptly to provide solutions fast.

Create a Sophisticated Access System on Your Business Property

While certain areas of your office space may be accessible to employees and guests, other rooms may hold sensitive material that should only be accessed by authorized personnel. With the sophisticated access systems offered and installed by Magnum Security Installations, Inc., you can determine which areas of your property are locked up and who can gain access to them.

When changes need to be made – don’t worry. You will be able to add or remove certain employees from accessing the space as you see fit.

With access technology, total control and security of your home or business space are at your fingertips, and our team looks forward to helping you get started.

Security Technology for Every Property

Intercoms and access systems benefit a range of unique properties, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Hospitals and other medical centers
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment buildings and condos
  • Private properties
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • And more!

No matter the nature of your property, we’re confident we can help you improve its safety.

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Magnum Security Installations, Inc. is your home for access control and intercom systems in Columbia. We take pride in helping our clients safeguard their residential and commercial properties and increase communicative abilities.

Whether you own an apartment complex, or if you’re looking to add increased safety and sophistication to your business, we are happy to help you design and install a custom product.

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Find the Perfect Intercom System for Your Property

When investing in an intercom system for your home or business, there are quite a few things to consider. For starters, it’s important to think about the size of your building, the unique needs of your property, and just how the application will be used. While some intercom systems allow you to simply buzz guests into the building, others feature video surveillance. It’s also good to consider where the system will be placed. If it’s situated outdoors, you may want to consider an appliance that has built-in weather protection.

Our experts are happy to discuss the various unique systems available on the market. We will also consider your budget and work together to find a solution that suits your property.

Prioritize Security with a State-of-the-Art Intercom

On top of streamlining communication in businesses and homes, intercoms are primarily used to increase security. An intercom system allows you to screen the people who wish to enter your building from the inside. Intercoms work very well for businesses that carry high-value items and apartment buildings that are home to many people.

A well-installed intercom system gives yourself and your building’s inhabitants added convenience and peace of mind. These security features give you the chance to verify welcomed and unannounced guests from the privacy of your home or office without issue. Once the system is successfully setup, it will require very little maintenance and allow you, your staff, or tenants to enjoy convenience while prioritizing safety. Get the peace of mind you need, want, and deserve. Contact us to see what we can do for you today.

Simple Setup of Your Intercom System

We make security system installation look simple—even when it is not.

We are delighted to host a team of low-voltage electricians who specialize in security systems. Once we have helped you choose the right product, we can get to work setting everything up. The wiring of your new system will depend on whether you’ve had an intercom system in the past. Either way, the installation should take no longer than a day to complete.

Our experts will work diligently to ensure that your new intercom system is functioning seamlessly before we leave your property. We will let you know how the system works and who to call if you experience any issues. Before you know it, we’ll have your intercom set up and ready to go.

We are always happy to follow up with you if you have any questions or concerns about your intercom, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email. Get in touch to schedule a no-obligation consultation, or to request a quote.

Intercom Maintenance and Repairs

There are times when intercom systems require maintenance or last-minute repairs. In times such as those, help is never far.

Are you experiencing problems with your intercom or security system? We can help! Get on the phone and tell us the issues you’re facing. We will dispatch a repair expert to your location to take a look as soon as possible. Together, we’ll work to find a long-lasting solution.

We combine years of intercom experience with a commitment to customer service. We provide prompt service times and complete solutions to ensure your intercom stays in good working condition. Whatever the problem, you can trust us to find it and fix it fast.

Premier Security System Services

Magnum Security Installations, Inc. is the low voltage electrical company of choice in Columbia and the surrounding area. We specialize in the design and installation of premium access control and intercom systems. Commercial and industrial property owners alike turn to us for upfront quotes, personalized service, and unparalleled industry expertise.

Safeguard your business with the best that technology has to offer. Contact us today at (803) 566-0699 to learn more.

Talk to an Expert

State-of-the-Art Access Control Services

Property owners come to us when they need to protect their business and employees from unauthorized entry. We specialize in security systems of all types, from carrier-current and hardwired to wireless intercom systems. Allow us to walk you through all your options and help you choose the most appropriate security measures for your needs and budget.

Some of the features of our intercom systems include:

  • Remote access control
  • Illegal entry notification system
  • Voice recording and communication
  • Integrated registration
  • Automatic playback of voice messages to visitors

Some of the types of buildings we frequently work in are:

  • Apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Rental properties
  • Commercial facilities

Our electricians are at your disposal to address any questions or concerns you may have. With years of industry expertise under our belts, we are uniquely positioned to design and install your commercial intercom entry system.

Access Control, Tailored to Your Business

Every business has different security concerns. Some facilities and stores only require intercoms stationed at the entrance and a primary office, while others benefit from numerous intercom systems. Magnum Security Installations, Inc. offers an impressive array of card and keyless access systems to give you complete control over access to your business. Whether you're looking to make access and entry easier or upgrade your security, we have you covered with solutions tailored to your needs and wants.

We carry access systems from the following providers:

  • Avigilon
  • Kantech
  • Honeywell
  • Netaxs
  • Linear

Working closely with you, we'll first determine your security and access control needs. We'll sit down with you, discuss any issues or wants you have, and lay out your options. We'll walk you through our different access systems so you can compare the advantages of each, and we'll be sure to help you find the right one for you and your business.

We pride ourselves on customer education and our consultative process. When you choose us for an access control system, we make sure to give you all the information you need, so you can make an informed decision for you and your business.

The Reliable Features of an Intercom System

When you work with us, we make sure you reap all the benefits of your security system. If you purchase an IP (internet connected) intercom system, we’ll work to ensure all your mobile internet devices and smartphones correspond to the system.

IP intercom systems have a wide range of features that are not available on traditional intercom systems. For example, we can program your intercom to alert you via a phone call or text message when someone rings the buzzer at your gate. Depending on the system at your disposal, we will even be able to program your system to transmit real-time security footage of the gate, as well. With features as sophisticated as these, you can fully verify visitors from the comfort of your desk or living room.

Access and intercom systems are relied upon by schools, businesses, apartment buildings, office buildings, clinics, and many other organizations to promote communication and safety practices. There are so many unique benefits to investing in a state-of-the-art intercom and access system, let’s explore some of these advantages.


Perhaps the most apparent benefit of investing in an intercom system is communication. Intercoms are typically used to allow an avenue for communication from the outside of the building in, or between different rooms. While apartment buildings may rely on an intercom to find out who has arrived at the front door, a secretary in an office may use an intercom to notify business associates of appointments and phone calls. Schools may use intercoms to provide announcements.

For the intercom to be as effective as possible, it must be placed strategically, especially for systems that make announcements in large properties. At Magnum Security Installations, Inc., we work with our clients to ensure intercoms are located at places that are convenient. We provide optimal coverage so people can access them quickly and easily.

Increased Security

These systems are also used as a security measure and can work to deter crime. The intercom will help occupants in the building validate who is trying to enter and whether or not this person is allowed to access the interior.

Magnum Security Installations, Inc. can also install intercoms with CCTV to make the building even more secure. Monitoring, alarms, networking systems—we offer a comprehensive assortment of solutions to ensure you stay safe. Homeowners, property managers, and business owners can all take advantage of our state-of-the-art systems.


Intercoms are very versatile and can allow property owners to control who accesses what areas of the building. Individual rooms or wings of a building can be locked or accessible to certain authorized personnel.

Overall, intercom access can increase the control you have over the safety of your property and the function of your business space. Communicate more effectively, protect your assets, and enjoy the latest in intercom technology available. To learn more about the intercom services we provide, read on, or get in touch with our expert team today!

Consult with a Certified Low Voltage Electrician

While our installation services rank among the finest in the region, there are other aspects of our business that set us apart. One of these valued aspects happens to be the in-depth nature of our client consultations.

During your no-obligation consultation, we will walk you through the many options available to you—but only after we’ve learned what about your facility’s security needs. We’ll answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and more.

Our company is customer-centric inside and out—we seek to tailor our services to your needs. That's why we offer our clients in-depth consultations, obligation-free. Give us a call, and we'll set up an on-site appointment with you at your earliest convenience. At the pre-arranged time, we'll send a personable, certified electrician to your doorstep to walk you through your security options.

When approaching access control and intercom system design, we take into consideration your unique needs, budget, and time frame. We'll speak with you about these criteria in-depth. We'll leave no stone unturned in our efforts to develop a personalized, comprehensive, and cost-effective security solution.

Does your building have multiple units? Do you want to be able to see and hear visitors at the entrance? These are some examples of the types of questions you can expect us to ask. Our technicians are low voltage experts. We can source virtually any audiovisual access control hardware on the market. Our job is to help you choose the best one to meet your site-specific needs.

When we have a firm grasp on the extent of the job at hand, we'll provide you with a full written quote of our work. No fine print. No hidden fees. You'll be able to see precisely what the service will cost before you sign a contract with us.

Speedy Access Control Installation

Clients who want access control systems for their home or business typically aren’t in the interest of waiting a long time for increased security. With us, they never have to take longer than necessary. From the first point of contact to the post-installation performance test, you and your new security system will have our full attention. We’ll be on hand to address your questions no matter how intricate or specific to your situation they may be.

Our committed nature ensures that you get nothing but the swiftest installation possible. In little time, we will install and calibrate your new access control system according to your needs. As promised, we will also take all the time needed to walk you through the system and its capabilities.

When you're thrilled with the prospect of your new intercom security system, we'll set up a day and time when we can install it for you. With over two decades of industry experience, our crew has honed our installation strategy to be speedy and efficient. We will install your new system with minimal disruption to your business' daily operations.

What to Expect on Installation Day

On the day of the service, you can expect our low voltage techs to arrive promptly at the pre-arranged time in a fully equipped service vehicle. We'll introduce ourselves and explain to you what the project will entail, as well as how long it should take. Of course, at any point during our time on-site, you can communicate your questions and concerns with us.

From there, we'll get straight to work integrating your new security system seamlessly and flawlessly. As state-certified professionals, we guarantee our work site will adhere to all safety regulations, and all our work will be up to code. When we're finished, we'll be sure to show you how to use all the controls and features of your new system.

Commercial Intercom Systems

As one might expect, there is more than one intercom system available today. Today’s intercom systems range from wildly complex to as straightforward as pairs of walkie-talkies. In the case of intercoms for commercial properties and businesses, there are many options from which to choose. Working with low-voltage technicians, we can wire your building so that there are intercoms on every floor, in every room, or whatever you wish.

Many intercom communication systems are available on the market but knowing which one to choose can be trickier than you may think. The intercom is an essential part of your electronic security strategy. Beyond convenience, an intercom system provides you with invaluable safety and security. By pairing it with your network surveillance cameras and your access control system, the intercom system becomes very useful; however, the coordination of all this equipment can be complex. Magnum Security Installations, Inc.'s team of experts put all of our experience into your service to help configure your system and simplify safety and efficiency.

At Magnum Security Installations, Inc. we have the solutions to customize your intercom and access system to suit your business needs best; be it, a paging system, or a wireless surveillance system, we are confident that our Magnum Security Installations, Inc. specialists will have the right solution for you. Entrust the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of your intercom communication system by an experienced company with a well-established reputation—contact Magnum Security Installations, Inc. today!

Professional Wired Intercom System Services

Whether it is the diagnosis, design, supply, installation or maintenance of your professional intercom system, Magnum Security Installations, Inc. has the tools and experience to meet and exceed all your expectations. Magnum Security Installations, Inc. has specialized in the fields of access control, audio or video intercom, authentication and access authorization mechanisms: for many years. We have experience in installing, maintaining and repairing all types of intercom systems in Columbia, SC and the surrounding area. We are passionate about providing commercial clients useful and innovative tools to make their businesses more efficient, secure and modern. Designed for the use of both businesses and individuals, our intercoms and control systems adapt to all buildings types.

Professional Intercom Installation

If you wish to acquire advice, discuss an estimate, or request a preliminary site check, do not hesitate—our team is at your disposal. Located conveniently in Columbia, SC, we have been servicing the community and surrounding areas for many years.

We develop tailored solutions to your communication needs. Everyone has different needs for intercom systems, and we’re committed to meeting each of them.

We take a collaborative approach to work closely with our clients, providing a more personalized service experience to ensure our intercom solutions work well for them. We start by devising a plan for where to place components of your intercom system, including the base station, substations, speakers, and more. Through smart wiring solutions, we provide a seamless intercom interface throughout your premises, ensuring you have quick and ready access to anyone in the building.

Stop by our showroom, we'll be glad to show you our sample products and systems.

Discuss Your Needs with Our Friendly Security Experts

Every commercial, industrial, and office building faces a unique set of risks, and each has different priorities when it comes to installing an intercom system. To bring you highly customized and efficient service, we will begin by conducting a consultation.

Our specialists will take the time to understand the needs of your business carefully. Whether you are worried about strangers accessing the building or you simply want to increase transparent communication within a large office space, our team is happy to set something up for you.

We recognize that the price of an intercom system will also play a role in your decision, and we promise to offer you upfront, transparent pricing. Once we gain an understanding of your needs, we’ll draw up a design plan and estimate. You will be given ample time to review the evaluation and ask any questions you may have before moving forward with the installation.

Specialized Access Control Systems

At Magnum Security Installations, Inc. we specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of centralized access control systems. These systems make it possible to manage and secure multiple sites remotely or locally. The following are just some of the different types of access control systems that we provide to our Columbia, SC customers:

  • Security door systems via multi-technology readers
  • Biometric systems based on fingerprint reading, hand geometry, face recognition or voice expressions
  • Electronic key systems, such as badges and cards with or without chips, remotes and infrared cells
  • Coded keyboards for both indoor and outdoor use. These can be designed using various durable materials and equipped with visual and/or sound signaling devices.

To find out more about how our intercom and access systems can benefit your Columbia, SC business, call Magnum Security Installations, Inc. today or stop by in person. We look forward to helping you secure your company!

Certified Electrical Contractors

Our company was founded in 1997 with the mission to be the best at what we do. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to perform comprehensive electrical work, and we specialize in security solutions.

Our staff is comprised of NCASLB-certified electricians who boast lift certification and OSHA compliance training credentials. For us, second-rate work is simply not an option. We are meticulous electrical contractors that strive for excellence, whether the job is big or small. We perform every project in strict adherence to state safety regulations, building codes, and our high standards for quality assurance.

With new technological advances happening every year, we're always on the lookout for the latest products and the most innovative access control features. We refuse to offer our clients anything but the market's top-tier security systems, which is why we work tirelessly to stay abreast of industry developments. Thanks to our reputable supplier relationships, we continually source leading products and accessories at rock-bottom prices that can't be found anywhere else.

Security System Retrofits and Repairs

Our expertise isn't limited to new security system installation, either. We're pleased to announce that we can retrofit and repair your existing systems, too. With over twenty years of experience behind us, we've become familiar with all manufacturers and models of intercom devices.

Some examples of the types of systems we frequently service are:

  • Intercom door stations
  • No phone bill intercom systems
  • Phone dialer entry intercoms
  • TCP/IP door entry systems

Maintain your property without breaking your budget. With us, it's easier than you think.

Low Voltage Specialists

With Your Satisfaction in Mind

At our company, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Over the years, we've built up our loyal client base by providing them with all-encompassing security solutions alongside full-package customer care.

We pledge to our valued clientele a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. When you choose us as your low voltage technicians, you will receive:

  • Personalized, friendly service
  • Prompt responses
  • No-obligation on-site consultations
  • Upfront quotes
  • A wide selection of intercom hardware
  • Speedy installation times
  • Competitive prices
  • Certified low voltage technicians

We take pride in providing a superior quality service based on honesty, transparency, and fair prices. We consider it a privilege to serve the Columbia business community, and we make it our mission to find solutions that help them streamline their communication and security systems.

Rest assured: With our team at your side, you're not just in the hands of a professional committed to your satisfaction. You're not just in the hands of an experienced expert. You're in the hands of the best in the business.

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Our team takes pride in our superior security solutions and customer care. Don’t hesitate to reach us with any questions before or after the installation is completed.

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